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Hello Dark People!

It’s a bit late but I want to wish you all a great 2009, after my latest gigs around the globe I noticed that the Progressive is getting stronger again , people and promoters are tired of the trendy sound and they all flow back to the Dark Progressive side.

I’m still gathering tracks for my next album, to be honest it’s not easy as i have so many options/tracks and such a little range (72 min) , but i will try to pick up the best production and mix them for the best mystic journey.
I'm sure that the next album will be a combine of Salamat and Hiloola , not too ethnic and not too trancy, but strong and fat and full of emotions.

I want to welcome to the Contrast family Eitan Carmi (Aka Fatali) with his great track "Subtle", remixed by me, Rezo & Emannuel and Kintar, we are so happy to see that this release which is not a typical progressive track and more (or may I say the most ) uplifting style release so far on my label. May we keep it dark and spread the timeless sound of the Progressive,



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