Internet Radio Advertising Effectiveness

With the increase in the use of internet radio more and more companies are turning to internet radio advertising as a way to get their message across to a national audience.
However the question remains, is internet radio advertising effective?
According to TargetSpot, an internet radio advertising agency, listenership of online radio stations is up 27% over last year.
They estimate that there are 42 million people that listen to internet radio each week. The most interesting pert of their study was that many people report that they listen to online radio while they are shopping online.

Combination of Online Radio Advertising Benefits

A recent study by Radio Ad Lab (PDF), an independent research group, shows that online radio advertising can be effective because it combines two unique features into one advertising medium.
Radio advertising works because of the personal nature of radio. The power of voice allows radio advertising to tap into the word of mouth feeling that is so effective in advertising. It adds a little more credibility to the message than some other forms of advertising.
On the other hand, the internet is perceived as being more factual. It is a place where many people turn for information, and to better understand the world. When you combine that with the power of radio, you can see how internet radio advertising can be very effective.

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