Copyright Notice features live sets, mix sets (referred to here as "Audio collections") from various artists (referred to here as "The Artist"). These audio collections are live recorded performances, in part incorporating songs originally recorded by other artists. These audio collections are intended to demonstrate the Artists' performance technique and style, so the public may evaluate the Artist as an entertainer. These demonstration sample performances are for personal use only, and may not be redistributed for commercial purposes. Full copyright, mechanical, and performance rights are held by the assigned rights holders and licensing agencies for each song in the audio collections, including of those of the Artist themselves. contends that there is no copyright violation (including demonstrated respect of Moral rights) in respect of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Sec. 405. Score of Exclusive Rights in Sound Recordings; Ephemeral Recordings), and the Copyright Act of 1968. The audio collections are identified by the title of the recording, noting the featured artist (where possible and known) and include related information concerning the musical work and its author. Additionally, the transmitting entity does not cause to be published by means of an advance program schedule or prior announcement the titles of the specific sound recordings or phono records embodying such sound recordings to be transmitted;

Any copyright owners of sound recordings, preexisting subscription services, or preexisting satellite digital radio services may submit to the Librarian of Congress licenses covering such subscription transmissions with respect to such sound recordings. We also respect that if you are an artist featured here in brief, and are not pleased with the use or presentation of your sound recording, we will remove the said same recording without delay in total respect of your wishes upon notification. We will also take all measures to ensure your sound recording is not continued as part of an archived program.

An `archived program' is a predetermined program that is available repeatedly on the demand of the transmission recipient and that is performed in the same order from the beginning, except that an archived program shall not include a recorded event or broadcast transmission that makes no more than an incidental use of sound recordings, as long as such recorded event or broadcast transmission does not contain an entire sound recording or feature a particular sound recording.

Finally – the Fair Use doctrine as prescribed as an exception to copyright in the Act of 1968, allows that with regard to the presentation known as “The Scratch Files” there can be no copyright violation, as each sound recording in this program is individually presented in less than 10% of its original format.