Divided by Night :: Review of The Crystal Method's Upcoming Album

Crystal Method, the legendary big beat duo, is making a strong comeback after a five year hiatus. On May 12th, their fourth studio Album, "Divided by Night," will be released. After moving to their new studio, "Crystalwerks," the group indicated a new album at some point in 2009. The album brings a variety of guest artists including Emily Haines (Metric), bassist Peter Hook (New Order), Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge), Meiko, and LMFAO.

The music is organic with live sounds pervasive throughout the album. There is also a sort of Hip Hop element infused in certain songs such as "Sine Language." The group makes excellent use of distortion throughout the album. While some of the tracks were reminiscent of Crystal Method of the past, others seem to move beyond the style of music they pretty much pioneered. Regardless, the group has not lost contact with its roots, and their famous touch with music. If you have a chance, I would check out their free track "Now is the time". The Crystal Method will perform its first live show on April 17 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California.

Their single "Drown in the Now" will be just one of the tracks, listed as follows:

Divided By Night
1. Dirty Thirty (featuring Peter Hook)
2. Drown In The Now (featuring Matisyahu)
3. Kling To The Wreckage (featuring Justin Warfield)
4. Smile?
5. Sine Language (featuring LMFAO)
6. Double Down Under
7. Come Back Clean (featuring Emily Haines)
8. Slipstream (featuring Jason Lytle)
9. Black Rainbows (featuring Stefanie King Warfield)
10. Blunts & Robots (featuring Peter Hook)
11. Falling Hard (featuring Meiko)
12. Play for Real (featuring The Heavy)

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