Sharam Gets Wild with Kid Cudi

Sharam's long-awaited debut disc "Get Wild" is released this month on Ultra Records, and it is his boldest statement to date. With mainstream collaborations with Diddy, Tommy Lee and Daniel Bedingfield, Sharam’s ability to draw such a vast talent pool is as impressive as his longstanding reputation for storming club crowds from Miami to Ibiza.

"She Came Along," which meshes elements of Patsy Cline's legendary country song "Strange" with vocals by hip-hop sensation Kid Cudi. The end result is infectious.

"I've always been a huge, huge Patsy Cline fan," the Washington D.C.-based Sharam says of the single. "She's one of a kind. I had the idea to sample her for three years but I was looking to find someone who could match her. I had the track and I was searching for the right person to fit it. After trying different artists, Cudi just nailed it, putting a really cool and interesting twist on it. He’s a very unusual artist, because he's very much a hip-hop fixture, but he has an amazing voice. It's a great contrast with Patsy Cline. It wouldn’t have worked if someone was just rapping, but his singing style was perfect."

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