when: 25 Feb 2017, start: 22:00 - 26 Feb 2017, end: 06:00 where: Bulgaria, Varna, Rubik Art Center entrance: 13BGN


Guests :
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Techno veteran DJ Proton from Cologne is tirelessly sonicating all sorts of underground Techno events in the Rhine region of Germany since 1995. Besides gigs at the legendary parties under the Mülheim bridge in Cologne during the end of the 90ties and a bunch of illegal raves at abandoned houses and factories, stations of his life as a DJ have been the Hart aber Herzlich events at the mighty Butan Club in Wuppertal or the Ambulance Club in Cologne as well as numerous appearances in Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Helsinki, Krakow, London, Rome, Sofia or Vilnius.

During Protons early years of Techno the iconous Jeff Mills was dominating the DJ and producer polls, so after checking some of Mills’ playlists Detroit soon became a strong influence on the way Proton interpreted Techno and he started to travel around Germany to see DJs like Claude Young, Jay Denham, Juan Atkins, Derrick May or Jeff Mills himself on the rare occasions they played.

Detroit had more to offer. Not only the sound, but also the thoughts and concepts of Mike Banks from Underground Resistance, dealing with topics as independence from Major-Labels and criticism of goverment indoctrination impressed Ex-Punker Proton sustainable and encouraged him to become a DJ himself.

Since 2008 he plays a regular annual gig at Tundra, the biggest baltic electronic music festival, where his curiosity for crowds in foreign countrys awoke. He is a integral part of the Bazzmacho Crew which puts underground back to live in North Germany and since 2011 he is resident at the Berlin based Hardbase events, and regularly drives the Richter magnitude scale in the german capital into the red. 2014 he became part of the “We Are Underground” collective, playing parties mostly at hidden off-locations.

Coming across artists like Blake Baxter, Dj Rush, Neil Landstrumm, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Dj Kammy, Ben Sims, Cari Lekebusch, Chris Liberator, Miss Djax, PET Duo, Manu Kenton, Jamie Bissmire over the years his sets developed to be always hard, forwarding and shaped in rare stylistic diversity. Protons enormous musical background knowledge, the feeling for the crowd, the right moment and his international experience melt down into a exciting and pumping result that is sure to rock every crowd that is open minded enough to appreciate a DJ who doesn’t act like a current Top Ten jukebox, but rather sees himself on a mission to teach and preach Techno as it was meant to be.
#Sofia :
Hardinal V / Overload
Bo Betz - Live act / Excentric
Local support :
Kozin a.k.a Alien Man / Percent Records
SubSonic / Primary
VEN a.k.a Trackpill / Primary


#Bulgaria #RubikArtCenter #Varna #Techno #Hard-Techno
Entrance : 10 BGN / Before 00:00h. and 13BGN After 00:00h.
Styles : #Techno #HardTechno #Schranz
BPM Counter : 140-170
10KW Sound + Lights

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