Zina And Mandy / Zina&Mandy

Born in Malta, Steve Zina and Madame Mandy met in March 2001; eventually, both of them interested themselves in different electronic sound at that time. The mere sounds produced by simple musical electronic devices fascinated them. The led both of them into the extensive branch of harder techno which still today they consider the most exciting style to play behind the decks. Urged to do something intensive; they passed from two decks - one mixer sessions to four decks - two mixers performances.

Their common sideline is greatly appreciated and is thoroughly revealed in their appearances. Their influences in djing are often described as hard, callous and harsh varying from hardcore, industrial to the real banging hard techno. Living in a community where constant need for the unearthing of new music styles and fashions is a must, they try to include and portrait these common influences in their performance.

After playing in a number of events in countries like Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Kosovo, Macedonia and obviously their homebase Malta, they looked to pursuit their main aim which was to produce their own music. After a short time they managed to get released on a number of hard techno labels and their tracks were played by some of the big names in the scene. They are determined to give out more and more hard techno beats in the coming future. As from 2007, Zina&Mandy will also be doing a new act ‘Live vs. Decks’ – an innovative approach to express their own music (live) blended with their friends’ and other artists (on decks). Stay tuned cause these two have lots to give!

GirlPower /Schubfaktor Records [GPEP001] V/A - Here Come the ladies EP (February 2006)
(incl. Madame Mandy - Love and Loathe)
Carnage Records [Carnage 17, 5] Mario Ranieri - It's a Campaign Remixes EP (July 2006)
(incl. Zina&Mandy Remix)

Compilations and Mix Cd’s:
InFaces UR3 Records [URCD003] V/A - InFaces UR3 Records presents Zina&Mandy (October 2004)
Mixed by Zina&Mandy (October 2004)
Toptrax Recordings [TOP 10061-2] V/A – Schranz Total 15 mixed by O.B.I & Linda Pearl (June 2006)
(incl. Madame Mandy - Love and Loathe)