VoiDeT first got into electronic music at the age of around 8, since then he hasn't stopped listening and making electronic music. Progressing through various styles, searching for the style that best represented himself, a style filled with raw energy. VoiDeT finally bought a pair of 1200's and a mixer at the age of 15, after many years of saving. At this point in time he was spinning uplifting trance, with a crunchy sort of feel to it. However it was not long until he progressed from this into the harder end of the spectrum of trance, hard trance.

For about 2 years worth of spinning hard trance, and harder edge music styles voidet decided to network, and network he did. When Voidet turned 18 (Legal age to get into clubs) it was only a couple of weeks till Voidet scored his first gig, Mezzanine Vs. Deliverance of Bass on the gold coast. Voidet was/is an avid lover of hard music, who loves to go out to clubs/raves with music as his number one priority. However the music that is played where he lives/goes isn't the type of music he really likes. He feels that the music lacks his main element of energy. It wasn't until late 2003 that Voidet discovered the power and energy of Hard Techno/Schranz, ever since then voidet has been associating himself with the HardTechno/Schranz scene. He describes his music as 'A crunchy blend of HardTechno's Bass and the power and energy of Schranz'