Viper XXL

ViperXXL was born in 1981 in Mainz/Germany near Frankfurt am Main. His first contact with electronic Music was at the age of 14 when his brother was listening to Hardcore Music which was very famous at that time. With age of 15 he started to make Music on his own,first melodic trance then progressive trance. With age of 17 Viper visited the famous techno club in Germany U60311 where people like Sven Vath and Chris Liebing often spins there. After this visit he started to make Techno Music on his own and spread his Music with the help of Internet all over the world. The Style changed to Techno with more Rhythm and harder bassdrums. At Age of 18 Viper decided to buy himself a package of Technics and did his first steps in spinning music he likes most: Hard, toolish and stomping Techno.

He is banging since a decade and flying all over the globe playing his hard knocking tracks to boom each time the techno scene. Well known as a hard, no mercy giving dj that brings techno crowds on festivals and in clubs, over their limits. He is known for hardtechno hits as “Doing drugs Selling drugs” or “Hardtechno Anthem”. As being an owner of a booking agency called Artillery Bookings and part of Cubbo Bookings in Spain besides his Labels as Animasola, Around the World and Digital Mayhem he is supporting new and experienced techno and hardtechno djs and producers. And now in 2011 he released his new Album called "Brace for Impact" which climbed the top of the hardtechno charts in no time! Brace for Impact is exactly what you should do when he spins Tracks of it like "Photosynthesis, Fluxkompensator, Beat em up or Nostalgie" on the next gig near you.