Tom Roman

Tom Roman comes from Slovakia/Kosice and he professionally spins since 2004. He used to play Trance. Today it isn’t same because he will take Trance tracks just when he performs with his duo partner Jan Kalafut. Together they are known according their duo project - Jan Kalafut & Tom Roman. For Roman is more interesting to spin Progressive House, Tech House, House, Minimal and Electro.

16.7.2005 was the day when he first organized Trance party at The East Slovak Region. He has also been mixing his radio shows and he used to have his own one called Transession. Later he formed the second one known as Virtual Sound Session, which has been launched on several radio stations abroad.

Firstly he used records, later he found that the CD players can expand his abilities therefore he use them to do his mixes today. His music has been played all over the Slovakia and he has been invited to Czech Republic as a dj too. His radio shows are broadcasting all over the Europe. And he has also his own production. From his tracks is well known Nostalgia. He is working also on others. Tom makes really interesting interviews and articles too and he works as a redactor writing about club and dance scene. He performs under the booking agency.

He appreciate the support from the djs he have played with like Tomas Haverlik, Lady Jane, Martin Gredner, Gareth Emery, Sebastian Brandt, Robert Burian, Michael C, Jan Kalafut, Kamil Polner, Boss, Eddie Sender, Nika 77, Martin Haberland, Roland Kadela, Milan Lieskovsky, Antena, Pico and many more.

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Manager: Martin Koval
Tel: +421949684774
Icq: 284028556