First serious touch with music was in 1999.when he started to listen to dance music.
After alot visited parties and understanding music itself,he found him-self in techno music.
That's when the idea about being a dj was born.After alot of practise and effort, his first performance was in 2000.

After one year of dj-ing,Tole had a very good reputation,& was a great technical level of dj-ing. His first love as a dj was techno music, but later he has found his-self more and more in more melodic music.

In time Tole transfered his dj-ing in more melodic sounds,& in his unique sets you can hear always a fusion of sounds,with music from various genres like uplifting trance, electro, techno, progressive house...

Like Tole him-self says:"It's hard to explain what kind of music I play,simply it's just great music filled with emotions,that moves your body on a dance floor"

Last few years Tole works on producing his own tracks and doing remixes for other artists. Great colaboration he had with Davor Livebass,with who he finished their ambient/downtempo track called SPACE IN YOU. From 2008 he started collaboration with yound producer Petar, who later become a member of Space Motion.

Their project under the name SpaceMotion works with new-age production elektro/trance/minimal sounds. Few of their singles are being signed and will be published in the begining of 2009.

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