Time For Trees

Time for Trees is the new monicker of longstanding Colorado techno boy, Joshua Twentythree. For the last ten years, Joshua has been mixing his unique take on techno, electro, house and IDM, always looking towards building an emotional and inspiring experience. In recent years he has become a strong champion of the world wide netlabel movement, finally starting his own label Rope Swing Cities in 2005, wanting to give back to the music and culture that has given him so much. Coming from humble beginnings as a wide-eyed boy of seventeen, seeing DJs for the first time on the playa at Burning Man, he has worked tirelessly in the Colorado underground, helping to build one of the most solid and respected techno scenes in the U.S.

Joshua's DJ sets are often emotional and thought provoking, but never lacking the deep and sexy grooves that lock the dance floor down into a psychedelic sea of sweaty bodies. Performing alongside such techno masters as Surgeon, Pheek and Lusine to name a few, Time for Trees has proven his craftsmanship and consummate professionalism in the booth time and time again. These days Time for Trees can be found managing RSC, looking for emotional and nostalgic experimental music from all over the world, or rocking late night dance floors while working with Colorado's Dope Recordings and Communikey crews, lending his hand in helping produce the most energy filled, exciting events in the states.

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