Liubomir Skumov aka Thermo is DJ/Producer/Live-PA who is born in Bourgas, Bulgaria. His interest in techno music started in 1998-99 inspired by the music of Ben Sims, Umek, Harcell, Ignition Technician, Marco Bailey, Cristian Varela and others.

In the year 2000 he received his first record as a gift and started his DJ career with the support of his friends and colleagues from Pomorie – Morcikul, DeepImpulser and Kashones. Together they created Underground Loops – an association involved in organising techno parties mainly in the Pomorie and Bourgas areas. They established the well-known open air parties "OpenBungalsUnderLoops" that became a tradition and gathered many fans from throughout the country. In 2002 Thermo started creating his own music, mainly orientated towards percussive and tribal techno. Few years later, in 2005 he started playing as a Live-pa artist aiming at wider public. Since then, Thermo has played with most of the popular Bulgarian DJs and few foreign ones: Ignition Technician, Sandy Warez, Deetron, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Mario Ranieri, John Karagiannis, Rhenalt, Jackill, Loktibrada, Jeroen Liebregts and others. In June 2007 Thermo participated in his first show out of Bulgaria – the "Prvymaj" in Bratislava, Slovakia.

After years hard work in november 2007 Thermo make his debut for Ignition Technician's label Notorious North. The vinyl is called "Underground Loops EP" Next follow releases for labels like: 8311 Music, Keep On Techno, Eighty Eight, Cutz, Sound Evolution, Yin Yang, Sub Cult, Toyfriend, TechHead and more.. In 2009 he release his second 12" vinyl - this time for Slovenian label Audionautica Records. There is 2 original tracks by Thermo with remixes by the label owner - Gray, and bosnian main man Mladen Tomic. This year was very successful for him - several times his tracks reach first place in the online store Trackitdown! Thermo starts 2010 very good after having his remix of "Aitor Ronda - Yo Tribo" again reached first place in Junodownload. His productions are supported and played by artists like Cristian Varela, Fei-Fei, Jon Runell, Pedro Delgardo, Eddie Halliwell, Ignition Technician, Vortechtral, Odessa Soundfreaks, Fer BR, John Karagiannis, PayLipService, DJ Mika, Gray, Reaky, Josh Love, Wyrus, Dastin and many more. In 2010 he expects many more releases on labels like Yin Yang, Toyfriend, Relatives, Sub Cult, Patterns, Keep On Techno, Techment, Backspin and this is just the beginning, so stay tuned!!

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