Subra / Felis

The man behind the name is Michael Anenburg from Beer Sheva, Israel. He has been listening to psychedelic trance since the age of 13, heavily influenced by Israeli and European Goa trance projects such as MFG, Hallucinogen, Pleiadians, X-Dream and more. Fascinated by this type of music, he began experimenting with music composition not long after, while only 14 years old using Impulse Tracker, quickly upgrading to more modern applications.

As he gained skill and knowledge the first releases came under the name Mike A in the year 2004 which were mostly Full on tracks inspired and influenced by the old school Goa style which received great feedback from the audience. Today, Michael writes music under the following monikers:

* Felis
Progressive trance ranging from 120 to 140 bpm with groovy basslines, atmospheric pads and dreamy melodies.
* Subra
Michael writes old school Goa trance, both original material and remixes. He also DJs music dating back to the nineties at parties.
* Mike A
All the rest - Full on, Chillout, Freestyle.

Felis is latin for "cat" (or something like that, don't take my word for it) and I use this name for all of my progressive productions. My music tends to be very varied so sometimes it's hard to put the similarities between each track. The music is diverse, starting at almost full-on to something closer to prog-house, and even reaching the realms of tech-trance at some times. The most important aspect of the writing process is to keep it psychedelic and interesting. I put a lot of effort into finalizing all those little details and small sounds in each track in order to give the listener (excuse me for the clichй) an experience he won't forget.

Subra is the name of a star in the constellaion of Leo, which happens to be my astrological sign. The style here is totally different from the progressive mood of Felis. Subra is all about my modern interpretation of goa trance, or putting some new vibes into the old school. The Subra tracks are quite diverse as well, with some being slow and dark tracks while others being almost nitzhonot. One thing connects them all - psychedelic, acidic, 303ish, mind bending, goa trance. With a modern touch of course, let it be some modern production techniques borrowed from other styles or just better sound quality (compared to whatever was being made in 1997).