Born on the Black Sea of Odessa in 1982.
Sensorially overloaded in Israel between 1989-1996.
Brainwash & Rehab in Upper Austria between 1996-2000.
Fled the Rehab in 2000, roaming the Wienerwald, Prenzlauerhill & E.Village, undercover ever since.

In Skwerl's own words, he professes to having annoyed his teachers as a wee monkey with drum solos using pencils and crayons, which led to his mum swiftly teaching him to drum on the piano. After one day catching a glimpse of Grandmaster Flash scratching vinyl on TV he systematically started eradicating his Dad's favorite Beatles and chanson records...

After a while happy hardcore won his attention, which led to a smooth transition into "Take That", Jazzanova and Detroit techno. He started investing heavily in records (mainly by skipping school meals) when one friday evening a call came from the local vinyl-pusher, relaying the unfortunate: apparently the warm-up bloke OD'd on something (which was the thing to do back then), so armed with his sports duffel bag in which he packed ALL of his 15 records, he took a series of buses into the night. Security wouldn't at first let him into the club on his first official gig since he was somewhat underage (16). However, after having indulged in his first RedBull that night, Skwerl says, "big mistake, they couldn't get me to stop playing".

To finish painting the picture, Skwerl adds: "I'm into playing my neighbors Hammond (which he records on his portable Walkman) from time to time, you can find some of the cassettes here: Gigolo/Sonarkollektiv/Defected/4lux".

We think the facts speak for themselves.