Simon/off / Simon-off

In 1998 Simon/off started dj-ing at local underground parties in Graz/Austria. In 1999 he formed the "Winterstrand" collective together with his brothers. Then he began organizing and co-organizing "freestyle" partys in and around Graz to help building up a local scene and to push musical borders further. He was also involved in founding labels and associations like "Leemusic", "Inter-Act / Exit Space" and in 2004 the club "Das Veilchen".

Around 2005 he got into the netlabel scene by releasing a Winterstrand album on Kikapu. That turned him into a passionate netaudio hunter. Simon/off played numerous gigs in and around Austria, supporting acts like Super Collider, Funkst?rung, Dj Rupture, Depth Charge, Emotional Joystick, Dj Zinc and many more.