Self taught DJ and producer Simeon Markov aka Simeom was born in Bulgaria and is currently based in London,UK.

He finds inspiration in day to day life as well as the diverse musical events he attends in and around London.

His fascination with music began at an early age when he became fascinated by the types of tapes he listened to, growing up he's been influenced by all genres of music including rock, pop, hip hop and traditional Bulgarian music. At the age of 12 his introduction to electronic and techno music, spurred a life long passion for the genre.

He describes his own music style as Deep Dark Twisted Dope Tech fashioned from his immense interest in colour frequencies. He is driven to produce original sound that reflects the universe in his own unique way.

He has been working with Starktfuturerecordings label for more than an year now and is enjoying constantly developing his style and working on new tracks.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hi Simeon, thank you for being our special guest on Artist of the Weekend! How are you?

Hello Eilo, I’m very well thanks. I’m happy to be your guest of the weekend and thanks for the invitation.

Would you please share when it all started with you? When did you decide that electronic music would be a part of your life?

Since I started partying, there was always this curiosity growing.... like what is this music and how and where are all those twisted sounds coming from!? It created this atmosphere and gave me this great feeling, so I just followed it and went deeper and deeper in to it and here we are now talking about this eleven years later.

Did your family support you back in the day?

Yes, my family and my friends have always been by my side supporting me by all means necessary.

What kind of music did you grow up with? Do you have a favorite artist?

I grew up with rock, pop, hip-hop as well as national Bulgarian music and grew into electronic music. My all-time favourites are the Scorpions and mostly their album L O V E D R I V E.

Do you remember your first rave?

I definitely had an amazing time and this is why I followed the music. Recently I thought of the importance of the influence that night gave me, it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

What do you think the most important characteristics for an artist are? What should they focus on the most in your opinion?

Surely needs to be himself and take his time properly so he is able to deliver when necessary. The focus should be on sounds and frequencies, seeking the unheard, the pleasant one's.

When you are making a mix, do you try to tell the world something or do you just structure the sound based on your mood and sense?

It is always different, like it depends on the vibe mostly and the way I feel. The message is always underground.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration is in everything but I'm mainly inspired by a good night out, where everyone has played what they love, out of love for the music rather than just spinning nonsense the whole night.

Can you name some of your favourite labels?

My favourite labels or at least the few I know of are StarkFuturesrecordings, Serialism
Right Nut Records, Superfreq, Wiggle, Ada Kaleh, Zwilling Records etc.

Are you working on a new track now, tell us more?

Currently I’m doing music for StarkFuturesrecordings. I met the guys in 2012 when I hadn't been doing music for even a year and my label wasn't running yet. As time went by, within a year the label got off the ground and I had few tunes ready to play them. Well, they loved my vibe and I am totally happy making music for them so far. I'm working on a 4 track EP that I have no more than a month to finish, so yep stay in touch for more details

We all know there are a lot of parties out there, especially in London where you live. How do you decide which to attend?

Well mainly by following the kind of music I love and luckily it isn't at famous clubs often, where you get treated like a flight passenger, but mostly at random, very cute venues that give you loads more joy and thrill and are a way better party experience throughout the whole night or day.

What's your opinion on social media? Do you think this type of music would be where it is without it or do you think it actually doesn't really help?

Free promotion is essential. Social media suits modern people’s busy lifestyles, so makes music more easily accessible is undoubtedly due to this, that minimal cash flow is imposed on streaming and download services to the point where music is almost worthless financially. This will in the next few years either make a U-turn, or kill off a lot of the scene. That would be a true ‘going back to roots' regarding the quality of the music and how it's sold; the ‘players’ in it for the money and glory will go elsewhere and will still happily nod away in a dark corner... Just with more room to dance.

If you have to describe your style in colours, what would they be?

My style in colours, this would be interesting to see as I do appreciate loads of different colour frequencies and this is what actually makes me and my sound unique. Well let's say fractions of the colour green, this is what it sounds like.

Where do u see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time is hard to say, I pretty much see myself doing what I love doing, possibly in a country warmer than the UK.

Eilo wishes you the best of luck following your dreams!