Rafael, born in 1989 in zawiercie, poland. He expanded his passion to the electronic music by attending numerous events, that cultivate such. As the time was passing by and as He was getting deeper into various electronic music subgenres, Rafael found out that there are waaay-much better styles than these presented in regular polish clubs. Extreme influence on his musical outlook also had an internet radio station, ETN.Fm which he was continuously listening for even twelve hours a day, what turned out as being useful for it let him being accustomed with the ambitious music.
In 2007 Rafael started his adventure behind the decks as a dj. As in the beginning there had been only few friends of Rafael's, who had been listening his trying to polish his own mixing style, it took him two years to stand by the decks in the club. Hunger and willingness of expressing his own compositions led to that in march 2010 there has appeared the first episode of Rafael's Exotic Adventure hosted by Pure.Fm radio, which you can listen every second tuesday of a month, at 17:00 CET on Mainroom House Channel. There has appeared already many djs and producers for the show, such as Darin Epsilon, Tyler Michaud, Khaled Hussein, Ian Lurgee, Erdal Mauff, Raytek, LoQuai, Lautaro Varela and many more.
When in front of the decks, Rafael always tries to express something that is the most beautiful in music, something that lets you get into different dimension... that made him going with progressive house, with characteristic deep dark sounds as his favourite genre. Though, you can frequently hear techno breaks or tech house are also very familiar with him.
As he says:
Being in front of the console lets me express my soul. I'm trying to show people that music is not only that what commercial radio stations feed us with. Music is a lifestyle, that lets find people themselves in this world