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Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Guy J, King Unique, Marc Marzenit, Fairmont, Ryan Davis, Dibby Dougherty, Microtrauma, Cid Inc, Deepfunk, Moonbeam, Paul Hazendonk..

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Dynasty is a raw collection of 107 analog infused chord loops. Thick, warm and harmonically rich.


Audiotent - Dynasty // ..

(03:59 mins)

Added on: 16.09.2019

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27 x Analog Rytm and ADS7 Loops
27 x Drumbrute Impact Loops
27 x Live Percussion Loops
27 x Low Rumble Loops
27 x Modular Percussion Loops
27 x Texture Loops
27 x Drum Top Loops

27 x Claps
27 x Closed Hi-Hats
27 x Open hi-Hats
27 x Foley
27 x Kick Drums
27 x Percussions
27 x Rides
27 x Snares


Audiotent - Gradient // ..

(02:45 mins)

Added on: 05.07.2019

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01.Stimming - Die Luft [Ki Records]
02.Double Touch - Baghdad [All Day I Dream]
03.Anton Dhouran - Osmekha (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Family N.A.M.E]
04.Xinobi - Far Away Place (Rampa Remix) [Discotexas]
05.Howling - Phases (Dub) [Innervisions]
06.Steve Bug & Langenberg - Senior Elfo (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Poker Flat]
07.Rhye - Taste (Mano Le Tough Remix) [Loma Vista]
08.Luis Junior - Ways (Super Flu Remix) [Monaberry]
09.Terranova feat. Sifa & Ivory - Let It Fail [Kompakt]
10.&ME - Solaris [Keinemusik]

Each minute bursts in the burning room,
The great globe reels in the solar fire,
Spinning the trivial and unique away.
(How all things flash! How all things flare!)
What am I now that I was then?
May memory restore again and again
The smallest color of the smallest day:
Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.


PHM - Restore // March ..

(56:56 mins)

Added on: 18.03.2019

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01.Architectural - Plastic Dreams [Non Series]
02.Luigi Tozzi - Black Market [Non Series]
03.Feral - West Cliff [Hypnus]
04.Jon Hester - Ripple Effects [Dystopian]
05.Ruhig - Charming Sandworms [Midgar]
06.Efdemin - Wrong Movements (Left) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
07.Distant Echoes - Desolated Society [Dystopian]
08.Boston 168 - Oblivion [Odd Even]
09.Marco Shuttle - Kinshasa Decadence [Eerie]
10.Polar Inertia - Parallel Transport [Dement3d]
11.Acronym - Yggdrasil [Semantica]
12.Rodhad - Vivarium (Porter Ricks Remix) [Dystopian]


PHM - Static Sense I

(61:22 mins)

Added on: 18.02.2019

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Bring your rhythm section to life.

Origin percussion is a library of intricate grooves that will drive energy into the heart of your productions.

Featuring 107 carefully sculpted phrases, Origin percussion is packed with complex textures and sophisticated patterns. Create a sense of authenticity and add a touch of swing to your music using loops layered with real world instruments.


Audiotent - Origin // P ..

(02:19 mins)

Added on: 31.10.2018

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Have you ever embarked on a studio session, got deep into drum design and lost hours on a single loop?

This happens to all of us at some point. If the loop works well it can be very rewarding but there are times when it doesn’t. If things don’t go as planned and you are on a time limit, your creative hours can be lost on one sound.

Today we offer a solution to this common artistic setback. Introducing Genetics, 107 Techno top loops. Genetics will fit effortlessly into your latest project, bringing fresh ideas and a huge selection of new timbres to use.

Spend less time stuck in a loop and more time working a groove.


Audiotent - Genetics // ..

(02:48 mins)

Added on: 10.10.2018

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Dusty and dirty basslines, sawtooth sequences and analogue arpeggios rendered from an expansive collection of analogue and modular kit. Analogue & Modular Sequences comes packed with 101 24-bit Wav loops and one-shot samples. Get to grips with raw oscillators, esoteric synth experiments, and chugging analogue sounds - all one-shots curated into Ableton Racks for instant inspiration. A one-stop shop for non-stop underground tech, house, leftfield electronica and beyond.


Sample Magic - Analogue ..

(04:27 mins)

Added on: 08.10.2018

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Voltage unleashes raw analog techno percussion, bass loops, synth sequences and much more.

Delivering over 270 wav loops. Capturing the glorious industrial tones of the Moog DFAM.

Dive deep into the three additional analog processed loop folders. You will find each sound has been recorded directly through a highly sought after piece of analog gear. The Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Looptrotter Monster Compressor and Retro Instruments Sta-Level.

Voltage provides you with all the elements you need to produce a complete musical composition. Enhance your productivity and workflow.


Audiotent - Voltage // ..

(02:57 mins)

Added on: 21.09.2018

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Discover Aurora, an expansive world of infinite creativity.
Explore this vast library of magnetic samples, hypnotic percussion and compelling textures.

product walkthrough


Audiotent - Aurora (Dem ..

(03:29 mins)

Added on: 13.09.2018

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Lush textures, deep house grooves, and atmospheric analog grooves collide in this follow sequel, Ambient House 2. Equal parts melodic chill and driving house in a sound that's swept Balearic climates and clubs across the nation. Atmospheric chords and introspective arpeggios from rich analogue sources, tape saturated beat-constructions and classic mono synths. Packed with hundreds of expertly recorded loops, drum hits, and MIDI and one-shots curated into Ableton racks, Ambient House 2 is a multi-genre inspiration starter!


21 arp loops
40 bass loops
42 chords loops
26 full drum loops (140 loops in total)
24 fx loops
13 inspiration kits
18 percussion loops recorded through roland re-201
50 synth loops


1 Juno-60 bass instrument (1 octave)
2 Moog Sub 37 bass instruments (1 octave)
1 Korg MS-20 bass instrument (1 octave)

1 Juno-60 synth instrument (3 octaves)
1 Moog Sub 37 synth instrument (2 octaves)
1 Korg MS-20 synth instrument (2 octaves)

56 bass hits
58 chord hits

162 drum hits:

25 claps
36 hats
34 kicks
37 Korg MS-20 misc hits
30 perc hits


Sample Magic - Ambient ..

(03:12 mins)

Added on: 06.04.2018

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PHM’s third Noiiz pack ‘Ethereal House’ transcends from House to Techno via a combination of lush cinematic pads, delicate pianos, warm analogue synths, fuzzy bass and melancholy arps. All tastefully processed through a vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

Classic Roland sounds meet modern Elektron rhythms in the drum loops folder, where every groove is supplied as full, top and percussion versions. Add extra flavour with 23 FX loops ranging from pitched bloops, to space impacts and rough noise textures.

Utilising an extensive collection of Roland, Waldorf and Korg synths, this pack is bound to get the juices flowing and be an essential part of any House or Techno producer’s arsenal.

all loops at 120bpm

22 arp & sequences loops
22 bass loops
20 ful drum loops (72 loops in total)
23 fx loops
17 pad loops
9 piano loops
23 synth loops


2 Korg Minilogue bass instruments (1 octave)
2 Korg Minilogue synth instruments (2 octaves)

50 bass hits
66 synth and chord hits

drum hits:

21 claps
31 hats
20 kicks
30 perc hits


Samplephonics - Etherea ..

(03:12 mins)

Added on: 02.11.2017

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Expertly crafted to cut through mixes and add raw sonic depth, Ambient House Patches delivers rich polyphonic synth sounds, immersive bass tones and lush FX all finely sculpted for Lennar Digital's Sylenth1. Designed by the creator of SM98 Ambient House, this collection is perfect for adding new life to your tracks with 101 underground patches delivered with MIDI for added inspiration.

Please Note: Lennar Digital Sylenth 2.2 or above is required to use this collection. The Drums and percussion are taken from the Expansion Series: Ambient House collection


Sample Magic - Ambient ..

(03:46 mins)

Added on: 27.09.2017

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Laurent Garnier
I love the whole EP, full support from me

Darin Epsilon
PHM is really talented! Always a pleasure listening to his productions : )

Rich Curtis
One sweet little ditty in Sea Marvellous, will play!

Marc Poppcke
Great release. Thanks for sending!

Mitch [Microcastle / Releasepromo]
always dig PHM, great music and consistent, As Is The Sea Marvelous (Reprise) is my fave here, great EP

Very strong EP, like all 3, thanks!

Aidan Doherty
Great work! Nice to hear PHM come back with some more deep emotive techno. Love it x


PHM - The Saddest Noise ..

(02:55 mins)

Added on: 13.06.2016

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Paco Osuna [Plus 8]
Will try thanks

Barry Jamieson
Trk 2 is cool

Cid Inc [Replug / Sudbeat / Microcastle]
very nice, lust is great!

Darin Epsilon [Perspectives / Sudbeat]
I'm kinda leaning towards Lust here

Marc Poppcke [Crossfrontier Audio
Lust is great. Full support!

Facundo Mohrr [Suara / Tronic]
lust for me, thanks

Serge Que (Monaque) [ Get Physical]

Dale Middleton [Sudbeat / Parquet]
Like the sound of Indifference here! support

mitch alexander [microCastle]
always love the PHM stuff, great to see him on Flow, two beauties here.

Stas Drive [Sudbeat / Microcastle]
Very nice!!

Rich Curtis [Sudbeat / Proton]
Indifference is lovely - very chunky

Sezer Uysal [Suara]
may try this one, thanks!

Sonic Union [Lowbit / Replug / Anjuna]
'lust' is wicked! great vibe to this one!

Luis Bondio [Renaissance / Hope]
both are great! thanks

Santiago Garcia [Renaissance / Microcastle]
lust sounds very nice! thanks

Marcelo Vasami [Subtract / Replug]
will try, thanks

Praveen Achary [Juicebox / Replug]
Indifference is gorgeous


PHM - Lust (Original Mi ..

(01:03 mins)

Added on: 13.04.2015