Maria Nyemba the song bird a.k.a NYEMBA,is a 29 Year old Zambian female born and raised in Lusaka.

She is a soultry voiced soul singer and model with a vision of making the world a better place through her music and talent.

The rise of this legendary singer dates way back during her childhood days,when nothing much was ever known of children evolving into stars.

Maria Nyemba grew up fancying the likes of Whitney Houston and listening to the 70's hits of L.T.D,an R&B, disco and funk band that had a string of hits way back in early days. At a tender age of 5,maria started imitating the sounds of the records played in her household that later led to her earning a place in the junior sunday school choir after her friends mom heard her singing.

At the age of 10 she came out first as the number 1 runners up for the Lusaka under 15 talent search which created a frenzy in her celebrity world and ushered her into a whole new world of television appearances and newspaper features.

As her family changed neighborhoods due to circumstances unknown,Maria switched schools too. Making new friends and knowing new people has always been her ambition. Little to her knowledge,the world around was slowly but steadily shaping her for a purpose far more greater than that even predictable by her own folks. In the course of the years that have passed,her life has taken a straight voyage right into stardom to eventually becoming the worlds eighth wonder.

Though currently concentrated on advocating for the well being and education of the little girls in Africa,Maria's first love still remains centered on music and with her newest single "Hello" trending the world around,her ambitions still remain glued to finishing her second album.