Marija Nikolic aka. N-tchbl, born in 1984. and raised in Serbia. Through all of her childhood science and music were the main spots of her world, nothing was that interesting and played more of a role in her life. A teacher in primary school spotted her ability to 'catch by ear' and quickly reproduce the solo parts of the songs played on the classes of music education she attended, and soon forced her to start learning piano, but it lasted no longer than a couple of months cuz of the financial inabilities caused by the '90s atmosphere of the country she lived in. But she continued practicing her playing skills on the musical education classes in school and at home on Yamaha keyboards, oftenly playing piano on school celebrations and ceremonials. Then she fell in love with a guitar, again, easily catching the solos and chords from the songs and playing it with no tabs seen, just with a little help of a 'catchy ear'. But the guitar has stayed there in the past being only a hoby and a great love, even nowadays.

Then at the end of 90's she discovered electronic music, thanks to her brother and first rave parties happening in her town at that time. Prodigy and Kraftwerk raised her to the whole new world of something that was not that classical like piano or guitar were at those times. It was a pure inovation in the world of music for her. In the times of revealing the differencies betwen genres, names like Deep Dish, Satoshi Tomiie, John Digweed, Sasha, Dave Seaman and Hernan Cattaneo brought the feeling that progressive house with a soft spots of trance inside was something that suits her the most of all of the music left in this world. Collecting artists and their pieces of that kind, trying to catch every second of it, going to parties to hear how 'big names' are doing it live' she fell in love with it like with nothing else before! Progressive house was something she wanted to live' and love.

In 2006th she decided to try herself out at the first ever party of hers in a small underground club called 'BauHaus' in her hometown. A couple of parties more of that kind followed in next couple of months and then she stopped, being burdened by university duties and striving to finish those ones first. In march 2007th she hitted Belgrade for the first time, playing 5hrs set in an underground Belgrade clubs Infinity and Biro which was a great expirience, seeing people reacting unexpectedly extatic to the music she played. Being listened then by a couple of capital DJs and getting compliments and pursuasions for going forward and climbing the stairs of being a DJ, she gained confidence and continued doing it.

Not long ago she won the Serbia Uprising! contest on PureFM and was given a chance to present her country together with the most famous DJs, playing deep and dark progressive, the sound that's making her unique and easily recogniseable amongst the rest of the DJs coming from Serbia. In 2008th she became a part of an "i:FACE Agency", together with her friends and collegues DJ Alexandar, Federico Epis, Kintar & Rex, Danny Way, Ascaloon, Marko Nikolic etc.

Her music was broadcasted on almost all of the worldwide popular radiostations, amongst other less known tribalmixes.org, frisky radio, danceradio.gr, pure.fm, kiss fm, insomniafm.com, streetfm.com.mk, clubsradio.com, digitalradio-fr.com, being a guest of many wellknown DJs in this area.
In August 2009th she started her second monthly exclusive project called "DEVOTION" on Pure.FM, besides the one called "SUBLIMINAL" she's already running on Danceradio.gr. This has brought her to total four of her shows running monthly, together with the one on Insomniafm.com and a podcast on Beattunes.com, all with a great wish to present the whole new side of deep and dark progressive sounds, the female way, progressive sounds that made her fall in love with progressive back in the previous decade and let that sound never be forgotten.