Emo has been raving for sooo many years. Dancing at parties of Sven Vath, Westbam, Dr. Motte, Josh Wink, Misjah in the 90s in Bulgaria.After the Millenium started, he became a captain of travelling ravers in and outside the country to parties like ADE in Amsterdam, Mamaia (Romania), Ibiza, Madrid, Berlin which shaped his musical vision and taste.

At present he lives in London and is always on the lookout for next new and interesting sounds and spaces.

When djing he's happiest playing long sets, getting to know a crowd and getting his message across.

“For me, it’s about tracks that have the power of radiance, that tell stories or spread hope. Songs that sound and invite you to listen – sometimes abstract and extra terrestrial, sometimes well-known and catchy. Tracks that should never stop, that keep the moment, and turn all of us into the centre of the universe, exactly in that moment when they are played – played loud!” (Sven Väth, 2011)

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Locked and Roll


MIX4 Lock & Roll

(221:33 mins)

Added on: 28.03.2020

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Inspired by the last visit in my motherland Bulgaria.

The music is selected from various sources but some of them I found during my trip in Thailand, others in my bedroom in Bulgaria.

It's trippy and deep at moments but overall is a journey in time and space.



(64:09 mins)

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Avi Pizza.m4a

(04:11 mins)

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'The Cocoon In The Park After Groovie' mix is dedicated to my friends who joined me for the trip to Leeds for Cocoon In The Park - Petar, Bobi, St. Pantev and also to Tracy and alllllll the Cocoon crew who made this 'Day To Remember' happen. Love to all the beautiful people from Northern UK as well. Music is life.

The tracklist features only special picks, plus some of the tracks in the secondd part of the mix Sven Vath himself played at the afterparty at Mint Warehouse.

Once again Danke Tracy, Благодаря машини!


Cocoon In The Park Afte ..

(67:50 mins)

Added on: 26.07.2013


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