Miika Kuisma

Over the years Miika Kuisma has made many different styles of music; from chill-out to various forms house and trance. But he always likes to be unpredictable and do whatever feels good at the moment.

Miika grew up listening to all kinds of music; from pop to heavy metal but he was never a big fan of anything particular. However, in the early 90s got his first contact with electronic music when he got a Jean-Michelle Jarre album as birthday present. But even the big synthesizer artists like Jarre and Jan Hammer didn’t completely satisfy Miika’s ear. It was only when he accidentally found himself at a house club, when he finally found his calling. At the time Miika was, as he calls himself, ‘‘a terrible nerd who built his own computers for fun and wrote assembler’. It was those years when the first soundcards such as Adlib and SoundBlaster were released for PC and Miika was able to start making his own music.

With his good friends Toni Wahlfors and Ari Sulkanen they formed a group called Droidnoise and gained some reputation among the ‘nerdy’ computer scene. While their mod files were circulating in the BBS systems, the boys were busy making their debut album Rave Apocalypse which was released in 1995.

Droidnoise however slowly dried out leaving Miika to figure out what to do next. In 1998 he moved to Helsinki, and started collaborating with Mikko Nieminen. Mikko had worked on some tracks on the Droidnoise’s album and together they formed Subliner project which later on took #1 place on MP3.com by storm and stayed on top of the global mp3 chart for more than 2 months.

Their first vinyl release “Subliner: Substance” was out on Igloo Records. Through his connections on MP3.com Miika was able to sign his track “Ambush” with US based Fragrant Music. This release got attention from Djs such as Armin van Buuren, John 00 Fleming and Misja Helsloot. Miika’s career was ready to take off.

While Subliner eventually faded away, Miika started to work with Singaporean Luke Chen under Fluid in Motion guise. It didn’t take long until they were signed with legendary Hook/Bellboy Recorings. Later on one of the most popular trance DJs in Finland Dj Tab joined in and together they launched their AR52 project for JOOF Recordings. Their first release “TimeGate / Hibernation” became a little club anthem worldwide and was included in major CD compilations including Gatecrasher, Euphoria, Godkitchen etc. It wasn’t long until Miika “Super8” Eloranta invited Miika and Tab to move in
HelsinkiVibes Studios which is still their home to this date.

Even though things were moving along quite smoothly, Miika grew tired of sending out demos and forming new projects for so many labels. The decision to start his own label Subtraxx was not a hard one. During the last years Miika has slowly built Subtraxx into respected label and his name is well known in the international club scene. His debut solo album “Inwardgaze” made it clear to everyone that you can’t put him in a any specific genre.

On the dj’ing side, Miikas’ style can be described as “epic progressive”, something that slips between different forms of house and trance. His favourite set is typically in the middle of evening, when he is able to play long builder set, taking the audience all the way from progressive house even to the state of slammin’ tech-trance. So far he’s been playing in wide range of events from smallest clubs to Love Parade in Berlin and Tiesto’s ISOS tour.

Lately his heart has been pumping for progressive house and together with Mr.A and Heikki L their Danceteria club and record label has already got attention around the world. Despite of his love for broad selection of house music Miika haven’t said good bye for trance but only took it into different direction. His new album "Sententia" is his humble attempt to make such trance that he fell in love with back in early 90s.

Besides his involvement in music, Miika also has a burning passion for philosophy and readily exchanges his thoughts with like-minded people. He believes in environmental protection, human & animal rights and personal privacy in the currents of rapid change happening around us today. It is of no coincidence that his music rolls intelligence, style and dance-floor sensibility into one complete experience whose purpose is to connect and communicate.

Future will show how far his focus, dedicatation and talent can take him.