Miguel Mancha

Miguel Mancha, one of the most charismatic DJs of the Dance scene in Portugal began his career at 16 years old by the hand of his good friend Zé Black, at the ‘Animatógrafo’ nightclub.

At 19 he became the resident DJ of the famous ‘Danceteria Lido’, which had capacity for over 2000 people, and in those days was a must place to visit. At 22 he was "recruited" to Dj at ‘Whispers Club’, where he worked as a resident for six years and where he was allowed to develop his own striking style which would not pass unnoticed by some of the owners of the nightclubs in Lisbon. Then he works as resident DJ at: ‘Booggie Wooggie’, ‘Zona +’, ‘Absoluto’, ‘Brahms’, ‘Bar do Rio’ to name but a few, but it is at the mythical club ‘Alcantara Mar’ (in its original format) where he gets the greatest recognition by playing on Sunday nights, a night that became known in the entire country, because it was on Sunday nights that the crowds would gather for unforgettable nights of electronic music worthy of the verb ‘to dance’. Then he was invited to launch the club ‘Queens’, where the opening night was considered by the specialized press as the night of the year. In 1998 he moves to England where he begins his adventure as a producer of electronic music, in direct collaboration with DJ Mick Fuller, of Surf FM (Brighton), and also with DJ Dave Jones, of Room Control Recordings.

However, he is then asked to open ‘O2’ Club in Lisbon, in which he became resident for a while. With his life divided between Brighton and Lisbon he eventually opts to settle in Lisbon where he plays at charismatic places like ‘Bar-do-Rio’, ‘Waikiki’, ‘W Disco’, ‘Casino Lisboa’, ‘Capítulo V’, ‘Sexto Parágrafo’ amongst others. As a producer he edited ten songs, of which "Poetry in Motion" and "Chord" stand out. His DJ Sets are immediately snatched at Soundcloud, and Deephouse Network where he has a group of faithful followers. The future? In his own words… " Play it Deep ... Hear it Loud."

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