Ladies On Mars

Born on October 29 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jonathan Douglas Braverman is the producer, remixer and musician under the pseudonym Ladies On Mars", previously known as "Musasero" and "Elektrodevil".

Ladies On Mars" is his ultimate and innovative synthesis of electronic music. The "ladies", introduced by Jonathan, are living proof of both quality and versatility of this solid artist.

This constant reinvention process is based on the search and creation of characters in order to perceive the world from a different point of view and it always tends to involve women's feelings.

"Ladies On Mars" has succeeded in having himself reinvented all along because of the use of effective and particular sounds oscillating from mininal beats and grooves to house or pop vocals and melodies, going through dark ambientations and electroacustic arrangements, too.

Productions such as "Sex Machine", "We Are Not Lesvicon", "69", "Munna" and "Living Out There", among others, demonstrate Jonathan's versatility and imagination as a professional producer and this truly does show there is life on Mars!

"Ladies On Mars" is a one of a kind artist, he has created a universe of sounds and melodies, and you can see that reflected on every single track/remix he makes.