Lacandon & VeNeS

2009's one of the most successful producer and 2010's project anniversary is heavily loaded with handful projects, busy as hell, and yet collaborating with the famous singer VeNeS (her tracks have been played from names likes, Matt Darrey ,Paul Van Dyk, Randall Jones) brought him another dimension of sound, watch this chap!!! Please welcome “Lacandon & VeNeS”  and we hope you'll listen with pleasure.
In review by Selami Bogdokan

Lacandon :

aka Georgi Nikolov, musician, global DJ,label owner, producer, sound engineer, sound track composer and actor.

Born on 25th November 1985 in Bulgaria.
His carrier started in 1999 as a key player and vocalist in a bulgarian hardcore group L.S.D. He recorded with the group one full and one split album, followed by concerts in clubs whithin the country and interviewd by the major radio station Tangra in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, where they played their track live in the studio. Lacandon left the group in 2000 because of his love for the electronic sound and started a new project also called L.S.D with his new partner Spookey with whom he recorded few tracks and played in clubs experimenting with his new sound.
During 2004 Lacandon worked as a casting manager for an agency in Bulgaria for artists, musicians, erotic balley dancers and models. He was choosen to play the double actor for Bruce Cambel in the Hollywood movie Alien Apocalypse in the role of the captan Aiwan.

He featured in video clips for some of the top singers of the country.

In 2006 Lacandon was the co-assistant director for the documentary movie about Kremikovci Engines, “Fire and Metal”, filmed in Bulgaria.
His love for music increased with time and he created his first radio show Lacandon Sessions for ADN Alternative radio station followed by his progressive show Dark Sences for PURE FM, Raining Sessions for Jenny.Fm, After Hour Sessions for Traffic Radio, Sunflowers Sessions for the best bulgarian radio Joy, where he was invited to become the manager of the radio station later on.
His next projects took him to the next level of entertainment and he was invited to be a guest Dj for famous Frisky Radio in shows :Immersed, Deepest Level 2, Advanced Views, Adult Music Show , Wild Nature and more. Lacandon also featured with his mixes in Mcast, DI.FM, Radio Global One, Liquid.FM and
During 2006/07 Lacandon played live in some of the main clubs in Bulgaria.
2007 brings the time of creation and Lacandon decides to work mainly on production and some live gigs. His first EP Muratti for the american trance label Andromeda Recordings gives him the recognition as an artist of global caliber.
2008 he released his first remix Blue Skies for the germain pop singer Germanica again released with Andromeda Recordings. At the same time he opened his own club in Bulgaria “Corleone” where he performed live as a DJ along side with the management duties.
2009 with JetLag his EP Orient Waves where Lacandon shows his originality in production and it’s supported by many respected producers in the
industry and takes him to number 2 in the Australian digital store Top 100 charts. The EP receives an increadible feedback on
End of 2009 brings the unbelievable EP Moma Robinja have been released on JetLag in December including the remixes of some of the most respected underground producers in the music industry on the globe such as Kliment, Maindave, Rezo and Emannuel, Oliver Morgenroth and CJ Art. Already released, the EP become one of the historical progressive house releases supported from more then 1200 dj’s over the globe, played in clubs, radio stations and being reviewed in music magasines. On Beatport the EP is double featured and charted in top 10 must hear progressive house tracks along side with the names likes John Digweed, Deadmau 5 , Stan Kolev, Cassino and Laben..
Lacandon is one of a kind with his own way of structuring of every new track he makes and his sound engineering skils have prooven that he can take the listeners and even other producers to a new way of journey in the makings of the future music. He knows how to bring the sound alive and that’s what makes him so unique.

In October 2009 Lacandon relocated to London to form a partnership with VeNeS for their future projects in their own London studio for production and also to prepare for the duo’s live act.


VeNeS aka Vanya Kuzeva was born on 1st May 1966 in Bulgaria.
She had her first touch to music when she was 6 years old when she entered the school of arts and took lessons in classical piano. 1979 she was excepted in the advanced music/art school where she developed her skills in piano and also learned the art of percussions and drums including xylophone and marimba. In 1983 at the age of seventeen she auditioned for a vocal group where she was the leading vocal for two years. Being introduced to all aspects of live band, she left the group and formed her first professional band where she was a key player and lead vocal for few years, playing in restaurants in her own town Haskovo, but another audition in 1985 took her to her next band working with some of the leading musicians within the country. 1986 she was taken of the stage during her performance by the manager in the legendary vocal group Tram N5, which is still an inspiration for many generations in the country and all around Europe. and offered to join the group. Her love for music and live stage performance developed fast and recording in studios and TV shows, supported with tours in Russia, and Europe brought the joy and the magic years of her development as an artist. She recorded with the group only few tracks, but the live performance and tours were at a glance.
1988 gave her the beginning of a new life as a mother and her relocation to Australia.
1994 she began auditioning for Australian bands and besides the difficulties of her english she made it through as a back up vocal for Patric Macmahnon for his album tour where she was given the spotlight for one song with the star.
1995 she was offered a residency as a lead singer in all five Russion restaurants in Melbourne. This gave her the opportunity to work with many different artist from Israel, Russia and especially when she worked with Charles Salivan from Chicago, who became her singing teacher and opened up the soulful chapter of her world of music.
VeNeS performed in some local piano bars such as “Lazar’s” and “Hilton Hotel” where she touched the jazz scene as well as every other stile she sang in.
1998 she was invited to be the opening act for “Jabulany” with five peace band and three back up singers and again a lucky strike, she met the legendary singer Chaka Khan, who was a guest of her manager Syria Murthy during a tour in Australia.
1999 she traveled to London working with Flavio Mauritzi and after a performance in club “Pomodoro” in Knightsbridge she was offered to open the sister club “Pomodoro” in Cairo, Egipt in 2000 where she performed for four weeks live with local DJ’s. The Egypt and Sahara experience was the inspiration for VeNeS where she wrote her first album “Time” on a groove box Yamaha RX1 and later on she recorded when back in Melbourne with the co-operation of Vegas Nerve and released with Darkchocolate Recordings in 2002 on iTunes.
The journey is endless for the artists when it comes to experimenting with sound they feel and VeNeS is no stranger to this feeling. The electronic sound is part of her life since 1992 alongside with the soulful vocal feel of her music. Her Lyrics are the story of her life and every day is just another blessing, ‘cause the writing pad is her best friend.
2005 she joined a hip-hop project with Dj Shawn Reed.
2006 she performed life with Dj Shawn Reed @ Telstra Dome, Melbourne and at the same time she worked with DJ Craig Davies on the remake of her original track “How Did I Ever”, later released in 2007 with Acuna Boyz Production and remixed by Goodguy UK.
VeNeS worked as a promoter, host and live performance act with Dj Craig Davies for their own PURE nights @ Brown Alley and Insomnia clubs on King Street, Melbourne, which had huge success on NYE 2006.
2007 VeNeS relocated to London. Since then she had worked with many other producers such as Jason Michaels, Craig Davies, Bobby Deep, Goodguy, Fructurism, Intelligenazia, Robert Vadney, XMAS, Dualism aka Digital Drop, Rhino, Symphonix, Kintar, Domased Electronica, Nicolas Coronel, Christos Fourkis, Ingo Vogelmann, Oliver Morgenroth, Dj Solano etc.

2007 VeNeS started collaboration with Digital Drop and 2009 connected with Symphonix in psy trance style. Her outstanding vocals are enjoyed by thousands of people in the major festivals around the world.
Tell Me – Digital Drop ft. VeNeS was charted No 9 on the psy trance on Beatport.
August 2009 VeNeS performed life in Greece with Dj Bobby Deep @ Mango Fun Bar and also had a guest appearance in club ICE, Lamia.
September she performed live @ Le Roosh Festival in UK with resident Dj’s.
In February 2010 VeNeS appeared again in the beatport top 100 Psy Charts. Phaxe Remix of her track with Symphonix_Nobody Knows, reached to Number 7 .
In same Year her track “Tell Me “again its in beatport top 100 psy charts .

Currently she is working with Lacandon on their future projects in producing and as a life duo act.

As duo they become easy recognize for a less of time with impressive stuffs , remixes ,headline gigs and collaborations with some names as : Linear B , Tim Deluxe ,James Solid, Symphonix , Electrobios , Big Sha , Jordin Sparks , Chris Brown really a name of few . In 2011 its the time for their first album together watch this chap . Their new productions has been supported so far from some big names as : Gareth Emery , Matt Darey , Seamus Haji , Paul Oekenfold , Above and Beyond , Marcus Shulz , Fede Le Grand a name of few .

Record Labels signed : Blue Tunes Records , Perfecto Recordings , Proton Music , Nueva Digital , Solid Fabric Recordings , Jet Lag Digital , Mistique Music Group , Mos etc .