dj Kundalini is the Psychedelic Trance project of Nikolay Sabchev from Bulgaria. Currently connected with labels like Ovnimoon (Chille), GEN (MK), Intelligent Monkey(Italy) in the last decade he has played on many parties and festivals in countries as Bulgaria, Greece,Portugal,Romania, Macedonia, Austria, Crimea/ Ukraine, Turkey...His sets contain mostly full on psychedelic trance, progressive and ambient mixes become a part of his act on different events as well,many of his sets are being played daily in online radios and streams worldwide. According to the production part of the things - EPs and single tracks are already out on Ovnimoon , Geomagnetic, Goa, EDM Records - more tunes are on the way, the story continues...

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My essential ''start of the year'' promo, includes some new tracks from me plus some of my favorites that i was frequently playing in the previous year ! Enjoy & Play It LOUD ! Happy 2018 !

Tracklist :
Kundalini - Mirror Walk (BMSS)
Astro D - Distance to Paradise (Kundalini rmx) (Pharmacy)
Hypnocoustics & Outsiders - Earthshine (Sacred Technology)
Xerox, Volcano and Imagine Mars - Flying Saucers (Sacred Technology)
Silicon Sound - Digital Thought (Faders rmx )
Kundalini - River Flow (604 Recordings)
Kundalini - The Last Export (BMSS)
Kundalini - Forgotten Rituals (BMSS)
Xerox - Force of Life (HOMmega)
Vertical Mode - Time Machine (Imagine Mars rmx)(HOMmega)
Kundalini - Blinking Space (BMSS)

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Kundalini - Ascension / ..

(58:35 mins)

Added on: 06.01.2018

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A track that stayed in the box for the last couple of years .... i decided to to put it in my SC finally , home mastered ... you have a call ...


Kundalini - The Call

(06:16 mins)

Added on: 01.11.2017

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Astro D - Distance To Paradise ft. Kundalini
Label : Pharmacy Music / USA
Mastering : Plus Six Mastering / Greece
Release Date : March 19 , 2018
Beatport : https://goo.gl/1pDDjC


Astro D - Distance To P ..

(04:59 mins)

Added on: 24.10.2017