"Progressive electronic music is generally characterized by the manipulation of sounds in small increments to give listeners the experience of progressing seamlessly through various mental or emotional states."

Kliment Dichev solo project emerges after years of musical experiments within various electronic genres: progressive, psytrance, deep minimal, ambient, idm, drumnbass.

Featuring several other music projects (Once Upon a Time, Samodelia, Disham), he works in collaboration with producers and musicians such as Moshic, Kintar, Tatva Kundalini, Micromattic, Surbahar, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov, Aura Rascon, Milena Sergueeva, Veselin Mitev, Orlin Cvetanov to name a few.

His releases for labels over the world - Electric Dream, Contrast, Iboga, Tribal Vision, ChillOm, Iboga Mexico, Soultribe, YSE, Absolutive, Sofa Beats - made up his name as one of the best acts from Bulgaria, with gigs across many clubs and festivals in Europe and world's progressive scene.

Along the electronic works, he is often involved in movie productions as music composer and/or sound engineer.

Most enjoyed gigs (at festivals): Boom 2004, Easter Sunday 2005, Transylvania calling 2005 and 2007, Ozora 2005, Soulclipse 2006, Sziget 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Sofia Earthdance 2006, 2007, Artmospheric Festival 2007, 2008, 2009, India tour 2009

Upcoming Releases:

• 'SIMPLEXITY' (Once upon a time full length album), (Electrik dream 2009)
• VA '"Re:Works" - Jaia remixes, (Tribal Vision, CZ, 2009)
• Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov - Remixes (Drumboy 2009)


• 'The Perpetual Ritual' (Ambient album), (Electrik dream 2009)
• EP 'Freedom Elevator', (Iboga Mexico, MX, 2009)
• EP on Vinyl - Micromattic vs Kliment, (Absolutive recs 2009)
• VA Deep electric hypnosis (Soultribe records, DE)
• EP 'Secondary Motion', (Iboga Records DK, 2008)
• VA Progressive Goa Trance Vol 7, (YSE - UK, 2008)
• EP 'Origins' incl. Moshic remix, (Contrast records IL, 2008)
• VA Swa-raaj (Chill OM Records India, 2008)
• VA Mioku (Controne records BG, 2008)
• EP 'Memories of a picture', (Iboga Records DK, 2007)
• VA Electro Therapy (Electrik dream UK, 2007)
• VA Cosmic chill Orange (Electrik dream UK, 2007)
• VA Floating point 4 (Sofa Beats DK, 2007)
• VA Port 1 (Port 1 records, BG, 2006)
• VA Artmospheric (Altera magazine, BG, 2006)
• VA Cosmic chill Red (Electrik dream, UK, 2006)
• VA Beat om Beat (Mindsound records, DE, 2005)
• VA Goa 2005 vol.3 (Y.S.E. - Millenium records, UK, 2005)
• Ar Kane - 'The eerie prophecy', emusic.com (licensed by Farfield records, 2003)