John Geary

I originate from a town in the East Midlands called Burton-upon-Trent which is most famous for its brewing industry. I joined Carlsberg for my placement year and re-joined them again during the final stages of my degree as a temp. Shortly afterwards I applied for, and got, a permanent role based in Northampton. I relocated with work to West Yorkshire early in 2006. I currently work as a .NET developer but also do Lotus Notes development and get involved in the support of some of the applications I have developed.

I met my wife Smeeta while she was working as a placement student for the same company based out of Leeds as part of her degree. Once Smeeta's degree was completed she moved to Northampton and we married in November 2004 exactly two years to the day from where we started seeing each other. After my relocation in 2006 we spent some time living in Leeds for just over 12 months and are currently living just south of Castleford. Smeeta also works in IT and is currently working as a contractor under her own registered Limited Company

Music & Clubbing
My music taste for many years was more based in Rock and Grunge and I was a big fan of bands such as Nirvana, Faith No More, Soundgarden etc. Over the years my music taste started to become more dance based and it was finally finished off when I got bitten by the clubbing bug. I was introduced to dance clubs by a mate who firstly took me a long to local nights and then to Heaven on the Saturday and one of the first Sundissential's the day after on a mad weekend. One of my memories of this event was Boy George cancelling when he got snowed in and Tony de Vit's set was extended to cover it.

Over the years I went to various clubs but most regularly I went to a night called Pump in Burton where Andy Farley became a monthly resident and Sundissential. Over those years I visited various other clubs and nights including Progress, Gods Kitchen, Golden, The Cross, Bakers, Storm and the legendary Tin Tins in Birmingham. More recently I have caught a couple of Vicious Circle nights up here. My music taste has generally been based in the harder side of dance music even though I spent a period during the late 90's visiting more trance based nights.

I always had a reasonably good ear for music during my main clubbing years and could pick up what the next track was early on and the way things were being mixed. I purchased my decks in 2000 and taught myself to play. Over the years I have bought mainly current material but I have also collected some of the records I enjoyed during clubbing in the 90's and some tunes that date before this. Once I started doing demos I started to get gig opportunities but unfortunately work pressures got in the way. After work calmed down I started doing regular demos again from around summer 2007 and listing these on the internet. As a result I have had a few gigs this year, best of which was probably the Turn It Up night in Peterborough. I have recently been signed up to KillerTrax Artist Management and I am looking forward to working with them and DJ'ing for them.

My music taste can be categorized as hard house and NRG but I am very selective of the material that I buy. I tend to also blend this with techno and hard trance a little. My typical set starts off at a relatively steady pace with funkier material and progresses along getting steadily harder and quicker. I like to generally drop a few techno tracks in where I can. As a sideline I also purchase funky techno, tech trance and hard electro material and play these as a different style of set.