Jason Little

Jason Little was born by the name of Sven Reuter in the beginning of the wild 80`s. Ever since the very first day he was confronted with music it was sure that he would soon dedicate the rest of his life to bars, beats, breaks and drums. At the young age of 8 years Jason started playing keyboard / organ which he studied for 2 years before moving on an expanding his boundaries. Whilst his parents were confident about his keyboard lessons and expected him to study new tunes every week-end as any good child would - Jason got infected with a darker, and less sweet side of music not everyone would perhaps understand. Well, his parents wouldn't – that's for sure! Whenever Jason had the chance during the week-end he simply switched his keyboard to auto-play so he could than sneak out along with some friends to smuggle himself into (what are now known as some of the first) Thunderdome parties. Right there and than things became clear and Jason knew what he had to do – these rock hard beats, huge subs and mind blowing distorted waves helped him find his way. He simply had no other choice but to start his very own label, he needed to realize productions coming from his own hands. And there you have it; in no time whatsoever he turned out to be a very talented producer and he impressed major players like DJ Rush, Felix Krцcher, Pet Duo and Mario Ranieri! The man's name has got nothing to do with his potential, cause he's only just got started!

In 2005 and 2006 Jason kick started his very own imprint called JLI. The label showcases whats going on in the Hardtechno scene and features many of his own productions. When his talent was picked up by one of the most famous Hardtechno Labels called Compressed Records from Felix Krцcher his career snowballed and a couple of furious releases followed. After Abstract head-honcho Kaoz followed and also signed an EP.
This year Jason Little creates another annihilating beast called Jason's Mask after a set of blasting tracks on labels like the Slovenian based Fatallic-Resignation-Records and the forthcoming Cannibal Society. Expect the debut cut on JMASK in your local shop soon!
His name nowadays stands for hard brute techno tones with propelling party elements. His work can be found in the play list of Dj Rush, Felix Krцcher, Pet Duo, Mario Ranieri, Miss Joana and many more!

Own Projects:

JLI-Records since 2005,

Hardtechno Tracks from different Artists like Major Rush, Felix Krцcher, Orman Bitch, Maddox Project...

Fatallic-Resignation-Records since Nov. 2006

Hardtechno Tracks from different Artists like Weichentechnikk or Dj Ocram

Jason`s MASK Vol.1-10,

vs. Tracks with the who is who of the Hardtechno Scene!!!