Invoke Duo


The interest by the music has come when the twin brothers was 17 and lived in Araras,middletown in the state of S?o Paulo located 164km by S?o Paulo City.After a lot of persistence, they could get some notions of mixage tecnics with Dj Kiko,nowadays a good friend, who is a resident dj of an Ararense club more than 15 years ago.

By the time and the contact with the eletronic music,they decide that they have as first ideal, spread underground eletronic music in the middletowns of S?o Paulo,but especificly in Araras.In the begining, the djs realized two parties,one of them a private rave.And the persistance brought results for both of them in the year of 2000.

They now were booked to spin in the biggest parties in their city,in fashion events,as the inauguration of the NINE TO FIVE store,in the Morumbi Shopping,in another Private Rave,in a Haras in the Atibaia City,beside being in a final of The Brazilian Championship of Djs that happened during the Rave Space Jungle Hypnotic, and they were about the best 30?s with more than 600 djs subscribes.On this championchip final,that they were on,there was very distincted Djs as Murphy and Snoop (Hypno), Lukas (Kraft/Techcardia) and others.By the end of 2001, the djs have adopted the name of a duo: INVOKE duo.

The twin brothers already had spinned with some great names in the nacional and internacional emusic, as Ana and David (Pet Duo), Camilo Rocha, TRB, Alex S, Vitor Lima, Murphy, Anderson Noise, Reanto Cohen, Alex Muller, Santiago, Nisek, Lukas, Snoop, Mara Bruiser, Fran?a, Miguel, K-milla, Eto & Gab, Philip Braustein, David Carreta (Gigolo Rec-Fran?a), Juan Atkins (USA), BB James (UK), DAVE The Drummer (UK), Julian Liberator (UK), Pauze (CAN), Zebedee (UK), Junkie Slip (UK), Holgi Star (Kiddaz FM, GER), Adam Jay (Azure Records/ Primate/zync records), Patrick D.S.P. (Hydraulix - CAN), Jerome Hill (UglyFunk - UK), Ade Fenton (UK), Sven Wittekind (GER) and others.

Bellow, some of the main places where INVOKE Duo has spinned:

Radios: Transam?rica (Transtronic), Metropolitana FM (Metrotech - live set), Energia 97.7 (ClubTronic - ClubTronic - live set for many times replacing Pet Duo) and R?dio Cidade 99,1 FM Fortaleza - CE (Programa Zona Eletr?nica).

Clubs: Lov.e (Afterhours Son?mbulos and Lov.e Machine, always in 4 decks), A L?ca, D-Edge (SP), Manga Rosa, Sub ?bano, Nimitz (PubTronyc), Susi in Transe (Desgoverno, Maquinaria Underground and Equipamente), Juke Joint (Apoint, Rebordose Eletr?nica and Dist?rbio), Strabe, Ludy Club (ex-U-Turn), Botechno (SP), State Club, Kraft (Campinas), The Club (Alphavile-SP), Provis?rio and Pravda (Piracicaba), Futura and Academia Caf? (Araras), Star Planet (Arthur Nogueira) and anothers.

Raves: Circuito (Natal -2003 and 2004- and Circuito na F?brica), Technopride 1 ano, The Influence, ProFusion, TechnoRancho! and Wicked (Piracicaba), Rave Odiss?ia and Tech in Law (Americana), I Love Techno (Arthur Nogueira), Harunixx (Serra da Cantareira), Techcardia (Campinas), Techno Vibe (Leme), Emusic Mogi (Mogi Gua?u), Rave Chill Out (Londrina), MoonVibes (Canoa Quebrada - CE), Orbitan (Rio Claro),and others.

Festas: Lual dos Deuses (Bauru), Festa da Let?cia Itinerante, Bacardi Lemon Party, Open Head, Um Drink no Inferno, Festival de Inverno, Segundas Inten??es, Manifesto, T-Shirt's Party, and others(Araras), In Bhrama Sound (Rio das Pedras), Hard Session and Quinta Eletr?nica, and others(Piracicaba), Azul do Vento e Napalm (Campinas), and others.

The djs had played on "PARADA AME" in 2003,wich is a street parade with a public of 170.000 people in SP, in the CIRCUITO/TECHCARDIA?s car.

By the 4 firsts months of 2002 the brothers were djs residents of the project Chill Out,of the parties PSYTECH and the afterhour ANKHA,all of them at the Club A(SP).From august/2002 to november/2003, INvoke Duo had promoted and were been techno djs residents in the twice monthly project TechnoRancho!,and actualy they promove and are resident djs of the WICKED Underground Private,both of them in Piracicaba,where a lot of important names of the eletronic music have been as,Junkie Slip (UK), Patrick DSP (CAN), Lukas, Pet Duo, Mara Bruiser, Snoop, Eto & Gab, TRB,and others.The djs was part of Club A L?ca?s casting for more than 2 years,where they spin once in a month, always on fridays.

The growing love by the art of discotec make them research constantly to keep their case always atualized and with a lot of new stuff,beside keep always getting their tecnics to improve,spinning on 4 pick-ups.Energy and quick Techno is what the Djs shoot wherever they pass by.