Olaf Gretzmacher aka GMO = Groove Music Only (Y.S.E. Recordings), also known as a part from the Ambient-Project Y2E (Y.S.E. & Organic Rec.) was born 1973 in Germany , near Stuttgart . He shares his success with his parents who afforded him classical piano instructions at the age of four. At the age of 16 he started to compose his own music, influenced by musicians likes Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel-Jarre, Pink Floyd and many more. The emergence of psychedelic trance and the party-culture in the 90's became another influence. From that time on Olaf dived into the party-scene more and more. He gradually build up his Equipment and GMO started to playing live and as DJ in Germany , Switzerland and Austria .

After his very successful Debut „Einblick“ on Nova Tekk (2001) the second album „groovy day“ was released in 2004 on Y.S.E. Recordings. It became clear that GMO is capable of producing trance music by stepping out of the usual formula and using strong melodic patterns, more thought through arrangements and clever productions techniques which always made his tunes the highlight on every dancefloor. The third GMO-Album is in the works, so keep out watching.