Facundo Mohrr

When you think about a fast growing carreer, it's no surprise if the name Facundo Mohrr pops into your head.

At a short age of 25, Facundo has already travelled arround the world, playing his music in countries such as: England, Russia, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, to name a few. Also, it is innevitable to associate Facundo's name to innovation and a constant search for new, fresh sounds. It's this constant quest for improvement and evolution that has granted him support by names of the like of: Sasha, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Jim Rivers, Anderson Noise, King Unique, Jimmy Van M, Anthony Pappa, Cid Inc and Chloe Harris. This is also the reason he, in search of new musical horizons, has started producing with a more tech-house edge under the shorter pseudonym: Mohrr.

You can catch Facundo on Frisky Radio for two hours of mixed musical exquisiteness every third wednesday of every month on his show Fallout.


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Facundo Mohrr
Tel: +54 (9) 116 995 2551
Skype: facundo.mohrr