Emanuil Hristov

Emanuil Hristov (Emanuelf) was born in 1984 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (‘The Center of the Universe’).

His first try in making music was in early 2000 when he touched PROPELLERHEADS program-REBIRTH. The dream to be a DJ became truth in 2002 when he started playing a tech-house, techno and house music in some small clubs in Stara Zagora.

After few years Emanuil with a group of enthusiastic friends created an organization called "RESONANCE". They started to make their own electronic parties and pretty fast they became the favourite team of the crowd in their home town. Emanuil’s idols in electronic music are names like: John Digweed, Funk D'void, Nick Warren, Danny Tenaglia, Sven Vath, Jeff Mills,Kevin Sonderson, Orbital, Cristian Varela and many more giants of the world’s electronic scene. He plays music with many of the biggest Bulgarian and some popular international names. His passion with the music, programs and beats force him to create a many different tracks, every one of them with unique sound, colour and melody.

After many years of work and experience he prepares to release his first EP for REMOTE ZERO recordings (Bulgaria). The music he makes is a combination of styles like: house, tehcno, tech-house, electronica sometimes with trance elements inside.