Dubstard is 30 years old as of 2010 and originates from Eastern Europe.

This Bulgarian-based dub selector's real name is Dimityr. Although he doesn’t have a career related to producing or mixing records in any way, he is very passionate about music, and deep, dub-tech sound in particular. Influenced by early hip-hop, roots reggae, classic dub, Detroit and Berlin dub-techno sound.

Certainly there could be no boundaries set for the mind to explore, while listening to quality music productions, be it acoustic or electronic and dubstard tends to follow this mantra.

As a voluntary member of !ttl team, one of Bulgaria's oldest music oriented e-zine/blog,

Dimityr offers the audience a variety of genres to peruse in the podcasts issued by him: ambient, chill-out, dub, dubtech, techno, old school hip hop, trip-hop, dubstep, future grime and deep, dubbed-out house as a few examples.