D.Soul, born 1977 in Wiesbaden, Germany, now living near Frankfurt, started experimenting with electronic music in 1996. Inspired by the vibrant local scene and the sound of this time, particularly at Frankfurt's internationally renowned club "OMEN", Daniel began to DJ at private parties and research modern production techniques. In 2004 he organized events with friends at a club called Metro, where he also refined his skills as a DJ while developing a unique voice as a producer.

In 2005 he founded the Tropic netlabel both as a creative outlet for himself and other like-minded musicians. In 2006 D.Soul had several releases on netlabels such as Audio808, Corpid, Bumpfoot, as first non Chilean artist on Pueblo Nuevo, Stratagem, Italo Business and Tropic among others. In 2007 Inoquo was the home of his first LP. As a musical principle D.Soul always tries to produce and mix a kind of minimal, coloured and vivid music with its own stylistic flavour.

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