DJ Toppy

DJ Toppy’s real name is Vasil Mihov – a DJ and producer from Bulgaria.

Music has always been an inseparable part of his life. Regardless of whether he would be lying down on his living room’s floor, idling the day away with ears pressed against a couple of booming speakers, travelling or simply do nothing. For Vasil, music is the connection between reality and our perception of it, a source of new ideas and a catalyst for their coming to life.

Deep knowledge of electronics and hardware helps him “see” and “hear” things in a complex way that reaffirms his interests in DJ work and subsequently in music production. In the beginning of 2005, he spontaneously creates his first productions as an individual artist and, surprisingly enough, one of them, “100 Kaba Pipes” ranks 3rd in the “Bulgaria 2005” national remix competition.

Assuming his funny childhood nickname as a DJ alias Vasil, now known as DJ Toppy, continues his development as a music producer and some of his most successful projects have already been released on various labels and charted by leading DJs and producers.