Dj Smooke

Dj Smooke (moniker of Kuzman Kuzmanov) came in serious contact with music at the early age of 13. At this age he started a metal group which kept playing till 1997.
While he was working as a sound engineer in a radio station in his home town his musical taste started to change and he shifted his interest towards the electronic sound. Soon he became his frequent appearances on the Bulgarian techno scene. His style and sound could be defined as a pumping techno, which drives the crowd to the dancefloor and urges it on restless dancing and creates a perfect party mood. His dynamic mixing style and skills behind the decks raise the party mood on the dancefloors to incredible levels. His favorite labels are Racetrax, Subsounds, Shark Attack, R.A.W., Cluster, etc. Smooke works together with Versus in Hitex ProMotion, a promoting organization that they developed together. They soon gained momentum and became one of the leading promotion crews in Bulgaria. Fans associate them with excellent parties. Depending on the theme of the specific party he plays house or techno music. Dj Smooke prefers progressive tribal house and pumping techno. He achieved a residence of the most popular broadcast for house music in Bulgaria - 'MasterMix' at radio NRJ / Bulgaria.
He has played along world most famous DJs like Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Marco Bailey, Speedy J, Surgeon, RedHead, Mario Ranieri, Kay D. Smith, Amok, Slobodan, Thomas Heckman, Lori The HiFi Princess, Deetron, Miss Sunshine, Radan Mach, Boss, Paco Maroto, Carlos Manaca, Rick Pier O..Neil, Miguel Mercedes, Dominic Plaza, Edgar Canete, Richi and many more. His mixes are marked by fast cutting mixing style, energetic BPM, frequent track changes and maintaining high streaming energy which he supports by experimenting frequently with acapellas, additional sounds and scratches. He is a producer since 2006. In love with music, he spends almost all of his time in the studio composing, mixing and remixing. He formed his own unique style and own sound in his musical taste represent in tracks. It was not long before he made his first track "Micro tune" of which was heavly supported by many respected DJs. With his great understanding of what rocks a dancefloor and exceptional production skills he was soon making and remixing tracks on a regular basis.
Dj Smooke is fast becoming a major player in the global electronic community. But his passion is for the finest underground, electronic house, minimal and techno music, represented by the releases. Kuzman scored his first hit in 2008 with his debut recording, released under his 'Djport LP' alias, which found it's way into the bags, and compilations. These days Kuzman is concentrating on solo material for various labels. The reactions are tremendous.

Now, he have developed into one of the hottest underground minimal, house and techno acts on the global circuit. Citing influences from the more melodic sides of techno, minimal and electronic house he managed to forge his own unique sound made up of deep basslines, concise kicks, jolting riffs and atmospheric, captivating melodies. His sound has seen rise through dance music’s ranks to become one of the most talked about.His love for the party, the music and the crowds he play to clearly reflects in his performances behind the decks. His talent and hard graft in the studio, always seeking perfection, has seen his prolifics releases. Throw in his numerous remixes and you begin to understand why he is so in demand in every aspect. The long awaited album is now well on the way to completion. This year will be the year for Dj Smooke to make a huge name for himselve on the underground and comersial music scene!

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