Dj Azarro

Dj Azarro (Karabutov Oleg) was born on 21 August 1987. All of his conscious life was connected with the music. Interest and an irresistible craving for DJing and electronic music began from the moment when he first heard the rhythms of the House. Style, which played no small role in his choice of musical reference points in the club industry and the preferences of musical taste ...

The idea to stand behind the turntables and to master the "musical craft" appeared in 2007. Career Azarro c acquaintance began DJing lowdown. The development of techniques and hone their own style took place at a time when the concept became widely DJ to come into use young people. And to stand out from the crowd, Azarro decides to bring the profession into a DJ, something of their own, positioning itself from the crowd, a DJ with innovative ideas, information, compiling and providing the public the breadth of musical taste. A clear and unique style, originality in presenting the material in sets of mixes and writing - it became a business card Dj Azarro.

From the first steps in life are firmly Azarro rhythms of quality and at the same time beautiful music of the European level. Music leads Europe in the area continuously escaping from the depths of the soul and drive of the rave - Progressive, Tech & House music. Energy, which immediately makes Oleg great interest and soon became its apriori directions.

In the work of Oleg, trying not to drive themselves to the limits, forcing showing interest in his person, quality and interesting music. "Music in the world is not enough, more importantly, find the one that clearly displays the depth and breadth of soul" - the main credo Azarro. The key is energy, which is a musical composition, a link between several styles into one and leaves the audience with a taste of a content thirst continue. Playing sets, Azarro conducts himself through music and with great energy pours it on the dance floor. People felt the diversity of rhythms, give freedom to his movements, and enjoy his work.