The name Dencho Denchev (Dj D.Denchev), appeared on the music scene in the mid 90’s, when as a teenager he supports the development of music trends in one of the most popular clubs in his native town in Bulgaria. Barely aged 15, he makes his first steps as independent DJ in “Vodoo” club. Next to follow are a lot of participations in attractive local clubs, where Denchev clearly demonstrates he is definitely not a fan of the commercial sound which by that time has influenced most of Bulgaria. Impressed by the house music he introduces it more progressive, dynamic, with deep tech and vocal elements... His sound is sometimes a bit minimalistic, but he takes into consideration the crowd and the place being involved.

Dj D.Denchev quickly becomes famous after creating the “Reverse” Project , which is strictly dedicated to house music and as proved leader in organizing and promoting the biggest events in Stara Zagora and the surrounding areas.

Dj D.Denchev has played side by side with DJs such as Sultan (Canada), Jason Jollins ( USA ), DJ Tarkan (Turkey), V-Sag (Greece), DJ Federico Epis (Uruguay), Facundo Mohrr ( Argentina ) , dPen (Greece) and many more. He had a resident nights in the best clubs in Bulgaria: Club Mania – (Sunny Beach), Club Phobia (Stara Zagra) and every week he is a guest dj at other famous clubs in his country. With few international gigs in Germany (Party Raum – Munich) in 2005, club “Madmax” also in Munich in 2006 ,club 212 (Istanbul - Turkey 2007) and Club “PASHA” – Romania in 2007.
Today the name of Dj D.Denchev is firmly established among the leading names in the Bulgarian electronic scene. Denchev is mainly attracted in producing music and when his first track “Close and feel” appeared in the charts of world famous DJs it showed the start of his presence on the world electronic scene as well.

Dj D.Denchev and Dj Lion - T-to

USB DIGITAL (Underground Sound Of Bulgaria)
Dj D.Denchev and Julio Largente - The Mountain Overturned Original Mix
Dj D.Denchev and Julio Largente - The Mountain Overturned Hassan Rassmy Rmx
Lea - D - Infinite Ways Dj D.Denchev Rmx
Bit Records Mexico

Dj D.Denchev - Close and Feel Original Mix
Dj D.Denchev - Close and Feel Julio Largenet Rmx
Dj D.Denchev - Close and Feel Gabuci Rmx