Corentin Emprou

Corentin Emprou was born on the 21st of March 1982 in Nantes, France. When he moved to Luxemburg in 1996, he got in contact for the first time with electronic music and especially trance and chill-out which were playing on German radios and TV channels. But the decisive turn came from an album: Chicane's masterpiece "Far from the Maddening Crowds". This music was what he had always been looking for, but just couldn't find before, fore this style didn't come across France's borders.

In 2001 Corentin started Architectural studies. By that time his interest for EDM had taken such an important place in his everyday life that starting to mix came as a logical step to get even further into the music he loved. His main icons were (and still are) Paul Oakenfold and Dave Seaman. Those two Djs inspired him and still have a major influence on the way he mixes today (progression, mixing in the key).

In 2004, Corentin started to share his mixes on the net. The amount of positive feedback he got, especially for his chill-out sets pushed him forwards. A few months later, he caught the attention of the ETN crew, who offered him a residency on the radio station. Now you can listen to his monthly show "World on Fire", every 3rd Saturdays of the month at 1600-1700 EST (2200-2300 CET) on the progressive channel.