Ready Mix Records/ RR1000/ Circus Afterhours

Celebrating over 17 years as a DJ, Big Al has been fine tuning his style since the mid 80’s. Well known for his epic 8++ hour extended journeys at the legendary Club Stereo, his A&R & Production work for Ready Mix Records as well as his Label Management work for Sudam Recording, his residency at Circus Afterhours & The Ready Mix Sessions worldwide Radio Show, Events & Podcast. AL has earned a solid reputation for himself globally. Moving from his 5 year DJ Residency in 2005 at Club Stereo where he also served as the Talent Buyer, the Artist Relations Director & the musical consultant between 2003-2005. He is a true Artist, often dropping his unique remixes and edits and shaking dancefloors across the world. He consistently contributes to the global underground movement and absorbs inspiration from everything around him while retaining his past as a focal point. His broad variety of influences has shaped his assorted and wide ranging sound which unifies many cultures. AL is a fan of true house music, he has rolled & evolved with the beat of changing trends & styles but always kept it real, simple and all about the music. He combines different elements and styles of underground house deliciously blending them into danceable and provocative sets charged with rhythm, melodies, soul & Drums!!!

Having lived all around the world, AL was able to identify with many cultures and traditions. Understanding the diversity of people, AL studied the music and refined his art in the Studio. In 1999, he won a JPF Award for the best song on a mixed compilation. In 2003, he was nominated by the Hour Magazine as one of Montreal’s TOP 4 Beat Masters. In 2006, his label Ready Mix Records had a #1 hit which was charted, playlisted and licensed around the world to (DJ Vibe, Filterheadz and Chus & Ceballos + DJ Simi compilations) and was nominated one of the best upcoming Canadian labels to look out for in 2007 by Klublife Magazine (Toronto). Throughout his career, AL was invited to play in many music capitals across the world at legendary nights & clubs. From Tunnel (NYC), Centro Fly (NYC), Buzz (DC), Sullivan Room (NYC), Table 50 (NYC), Velvet Underground (London UK), Boa (Toronto), Penelope (Ibiza, Spain), Avalon (Los Angeles), to IBO (Dubai) & B018 (Beirut). AL also held many weekly and monthly residencies at different clubs in Montreal & abroad such as the legendary Stereo (5 Years), Jai Bar, Jingxi, Living night club, Groove Society, AIR 737, illume, EXIT, Dino’s Lounge, The London Club, Duplex, the SAT, L.A. Towers (L.A.) Coconut Teasers (L.A.) and as of September 2005, Circus Afterhours.

In the Studio, AL has programmed and engineered tracks for Angel Moraes (Hot & Spycy, Subliminal, Star69), mastered tracks for Stan Kolev (Plastic Fantastic, Baroque, Renaissance), executively produced the Ready Mix catalog (Over 75 tracks in total), edited numerous exclusive & unreleased tracks for Thomas Penton, Quicksound, Claude Von Stroke, Hard Rock Sofa, DJ T, Magik Johnson, Stan Kolev and the list goes on & on. AL also sound designed and programmed music for the Black & Blue festival 2003 (Opening & closing) ceremonies, The Cannes Film Festival 2003-2006 which included sponsors like (Nike, Warner Brothers, Evian Water, BMW, Red Bull & Nokia). Finally, his track “EL Camino” with EP Bergen was picked up by ‘First Look Pictures’ for the soundtrack of the movie “Dead Awake” starring Stephen Baldwin and Michael Ironside and ‘Lions Gate Entertainment’ for the soundtrack of the movie “Swindle” starring Tom Sizemore & Sheryl Fenn.

From his current A&R position at Ready Mix Records to his past Musical Director position at Stereo, AL is always sure to carry a bag of fresh beats!!!

Look out for BiG AL & The Ready Mix Sessions events to hit your city soon….

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