Real name(s): Ruslan Astronsky
Place of living: Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Email: astron(at)

During my dj career (since 2002), I've directly participated in many party projects, like a club project called UltraNights - parties of which took place in 2005/2006 in the best club of Kaliningrad, Matrix - as well as in organization of a unique open-air Radar Beatz and several local and global (more than 1500 people) parties. Have played at psy-events in many cities of Russian Federation, like Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nijniy Novgorod, Korolev, Electrostal, Pushkino and others.
The music I play in my sets depends on the place of the particular party, its format and public. Usually, it's varied from hard psytekk and full power psychedelic trance on to beautiful and melodic morning sound, sometimes with elements of progressive. I play on CDs.
Also, I'm resident and founder of Estation Promo and Estation Booking Agency.