Becoming A-Steroid (Igor Karabutov) began with the distant 2007. His interest in electronic music, waking up at that time, forced A-Steroid show and make an effort to learn the basics of de-ing. Mentor in the development of musical craft it becomes Dj Azarro. Being single-minded man, A-Steroid quickly mastered the basis of information.

In 2009, the formation A-Steroid , as the cells of the club culture, is coming to its logical conclusion. A-Steroid begins to act in the clubs of his sunny city in the Caspian Sea (clubs of Ibiza / Pyramid / Windrose, etc.). His work is noted, commenting and reviewing numerous musicians, DJs and listeners across Russia.

That same year, A-Steroid begins to try to be a musician to write his own music. Unique rhythm and harmony of the work of Igor does not remain without attention and listeners, DJs and musicians.

In 2010, A-Steroid goes to a new level and moved to the capital of the Southern Federal District, the city of Rostov-on-Don. Being sociable and communicative, Igor easily fall within the scope DJs having proved himself as a promising and confident in their abilities DJ. Not stopping there and playing his sets at various venues in the city of Rostov-on-Don, Igor does not cease to amaze the audience eccentricity of his style and the correct feeding of the material.

Time does not stand still! And A-Steroid not losing this time, continues to please and delight us with their work, both on the dance floor and in writing music!