Antoni Andonov / Andonov

Antoni Andonov was born in 1993 in Stara Zagora. Since childish years he became interested in electronic music. In 2010 he made his first steps in djing. Since then he has played in almost every club in his hometown. Later he started producing his own tracks and by now he has releases for Phraser Records and Berlin Aufnahmen.

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1h33min recording from our performance at Terra w/ Hector

Antoni Andonov

Antoni Andonov b2b LYUB ..

(93:15 mins)

Added on: 29.04.2016

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Recording from Ъндърграунд Pres. Ellectrica Showcase @ Club Pasha Stara Zagora 11.12.2014
Line up :
Alex Miladinov
Antoni Andonov b2b Lyuben
Martin Maleshkov

Antoni Andonov

Antoni Andonov b2b LYUB ..

(79:29 mins)

Added on: 14.12.2014

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HOM07: Various Artists - Hard Floor 1 [Hang On Music]

Antoni Andonov

Antoni Andonov - Mind & ..

(02:47 mins)

Added on: 28.03.2014

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ELLE054 VA-Miami After Cuts [Ellectrica Recordings]

Antoni Andonov

Antoni Andonov - Too Mu ..

(03:12 mins)

Added on: 31.01.2014


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