Ticket to the Moon by Moonbeam

After more than 5 years of broadcasting Moonbeam Music and Moon Magi» shows, Moonbeam launching a new one. In 2014 Khvaleev brothers starts a brand new radioshow called Ticket To The Moon.

Completely new format and musical component, which will now become even wider and more diverse. Ticket To The Moon is not just another ordinary show, here every month for you:
- A lot of new releases;
- Three best songs by Moonbeam choice;
- A track that went down in history and has become a classic;
- And brand new single which will be released only in a few months.

Ticket To The Moon - it's a real chance to travel and enjoy the music of the moon, and Moonbeam will be your best tour guide.


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break says: (25 Feb 14)

I agree

taberr says: (23 Feb 14)

best music in tha world