Cristian Varela Radio Show by Cristian Varela

Cristian´s long artistic life, discography and of course, his spectacular sets with 3/4 decks, along with his constants tours around the world from Japan to U.S.A, Europe, UK…makes him one of the most prestigious names in the electronic international scene. At the moment, Cristian Varela is one of the deejays Top in the electronics scene in the world.

Broadcast every Tuesday at 17:00h until 18:00h GMT

Next Broadcast: 29 Nov 2022 on

   Techno Radio


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Johndavids says: (17 Nov 22) In addition to his work with music, Cristian has also been involved in various social causes such as supporting refugees and promoting environmental awareness. Cristian has also been involved in several charity events such as the “Cristian & The Wild” charity event and the “Cristian & The Wild” charity event in Barcelona. Cristian is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

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