AM/FM by Chris Liebing

"This show is all about the music in the moment it was played. It kind of functions like an audible dj diary. The idea behind it is that I choose a recent set that I played and deliver it to you unedited, raw and direct, in 60 minutes pieces on a weekly basis. For example, if I play a three hours set somewhere, it will be divided in three 60 minutes long AM/FM shows, so after three weeks you will have the full set. You could even put them into a playlist and listen to the whole set with seamless transitions. I try to keep the commentaries to a minimum, so that you get a maximum amount of music. Still, I want to mention certain things during the show, but beyond that, I will provide additional info in form of a written set report, which can be found on or on my facebook-site." Chris Liebing

Broadcast every Thursday at 20:00h GMT

Next Broadcast: 01 Dec 2022 on

   Techno Radio


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Johndavids says: (25 Nov 22)

The focus of this performance is the music as it was being played at the time. It works quite similarly to an audible DJ journal. The concept is that every week, I'll pick a recent performance that I performed and give it to you in 60-minute segments, unedited, uncut, and direct.

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