URSL021 I Superhits Vol. 2

Super Music for Super People
Lucky You!

Amount, Rampue, San Marco, Madmotormiquel, Canson

The universe must love you dearly because you are about to experience the various artists series from the fantastic URSL Records. This record is jam packed with only the best tracks from all-time - past, present and future! Original hits from original stars! Play this record at any party anytime and you will be the undisputed hero of the night, a true master of ceremony. Simply place the needle to the record and watch as the boys and girls instantly transform into crazy party monsters, smiling from ear to ear, exploding with love and and funk on your dance floor.

URSL021 I Superhits Vol. 2 Buy

Each one of these body-rocking URSL Superhits have been played by super famous superstars on dance floors across the galaxy and throughout the entire dimension of time to devastating effect. So grab this red hot compilation of solid-gold chart-topping URSL Superhits today. It's guaranteed fresh to infinity and beyond, Yeah!

Copyright & Produktinfo: 2015 URSL Records; Publisher: Copyright Control

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