Hello @ all Fullmoon Freax out there!

The time has come for some updates regarding the Fullmoon-Festival 2009
These days we have wonderful weather and lots of sun here in germany and everybody can feel the open air season is coming with big steps closer and closer every day. So far we worked hard at getting permissions for this years Fullmoon-Festival and everything looks like we get the wonderful airbase location in Wittstock / Alt Daber again. We was told to get the permissions the next days.

That day we get the permissions we will start the presale.
The presale will look like this:
early bird tickets 50,- Euros
clever bird tickets 55,- Euros
late bird tickets 60,- Euros

Tickets at the gate 70 Euros, 2 Day Tickets 50,- Euros, 1 Day Ticket 30,- Euros.
So be prepared and check our webspace from time to time. Also we will
send out a newsletter if we start the presale. So everybody who has not
registered for a newsletter so far should do that immediately if he dont want
to miss the latest news.

As last year we will have a fullon stage, a dark stage, a progressive stage and a chill ambient stage. Since the Berlin Odyssee - New Years Indoor Festival we made some nice experiences with collaborations of different organiser crews, so if all works well we will also start a nice joint ventures at this FMF edition with different psy crews in different fields, which also means that different crews will host FMF stages. So we are very excited for some new experiences.

The full on stage will run from 03.07. 12:00 PM until 08.07. 00:00 AM - hosted by FMF Crew .
The progressive stage will run from 03.07. 12 PM until 05.07. 10:00 PM - hosted by Schwingkreis Berlin.
The dark stage will run from 05.07. 12:00 PM until 08.07. 00:00 AM - hosted by Iguana.
The chill ambient stage will run from 03.07. 06:00 PM until 08.07. 00:00 AM - hosting is open so far.
After that we will start the wellknown afterhour at that stage running until 09.07. 08:00 AM.
So we keep you updated the next days, so stay tuned!

All the best and sunny greetings,
Your FMF Crew

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